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well hi. sooo i wanted to try out something new, so i think im gonna start photography of myself things  people pets balalaa. idk i want to try something diffrent... wish me luck!

so i know its short, but you will proberly some snaps from meee soon! :)i hope there not to bad! all i have is my ipod but if i like it i might invest in something elsee. thats all! xxx


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YUII!!! :D
well. my names yui, and im a artist whos just starting out. well let me sum it up for you... i have been drawing around 4 months if i get rid of all the breaks in betweeen. my name yui (you-e) and i go to a school called sun shine acadmy for the gifted and talened. my best freind is called ritsu. ( princess of meat) she goes to my school to. well my art and school are the main part of my life. so i geuss i should go on about school fisrt :? the school located at the outside of a big city, so its genrally peacful. oh and its a girls boarding school. i know most people think school is boreing but ours is far from it. theres only around 20 pupils. and we dont spend alot of time in the classroom. we have lots of school trips and do alot of fun stuff. were not known of at all. you have to get a letter asking to go there. its very rare to go there. the teachers are pretty insane. but not as nealry as the pupils.

yup its epic. you well jel?
and my art. well i express my sole through it. all my ocs have a chunk of my heart my mind and my expression when i draw them. (yep there most evil...) and its weird but when i draw there smile no matter what i find myself smileing to. strange :S anyway please accept that my art is my life. im not very old. but if you dont like my art GO STALK SOMEONE ELSE. and watch out for blue haired rapeists :L

things i love:

my granny
my freinds

things i hate

my enimies..?
horror movies
BASES <- they will be the death of us
blue haired rapeists

intresting facts...
im a triplet
im not japanese nor are my parents. despite my name.
i have a...intresting life.
i love chips! my nicknames even chippy

well seems your reading this. you might as well watch me. just float that little arror up to the little clicky bar up there and TA-DA you will have good luck for 10 years. and a cookie.

i love my wifey for lifey <3
you seen shane dawson? hes epic :D you tube him.
heh meh meh. so... yeah

love, meh!

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